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Sharing WIFI password with guests is breeze on iOS11

Yesterday I had to share my wifi password with one of my friend when he came over to visit. I am one of the guys who have really long passwords which are very hard to remember. So I went to see the wifi password in my 1Password app and there it was. iOS’ another subtle feature that Apple never advertised it. My iPhone which was also connected to wifi asked me if I wanted to share that password with my friend. That was cool!


Here is how you do it;

  1. Ask your friend to tap on your wifi SSID in ‘Settings’ app on his iPhone
  2. Unlock your phone which is already connected to the same wifi.
  3. Just tap on ‘Share Password’ button.


If you want to see it in action. Just hit forget password on wifi on a phone in your home and try sharing it. I do not believe this works with iPhone to Android.

iPhone X; all hope not lost for single hand operation

As everyone probably know by now, iPhone X is not a phone you can use with single hand. In fact none of the phones after iPhone 6 are not ideal for use with one hand because users cannot reach all corners of the screen without adjusting hand grip. The problem is not limited to just iPhones and it applies to any phone that is bigger than iPhone 5, 5s or 5SE.

Solution? Apple implemented reachability feature on all iPhones since Touch ID was introduced. The operation is simple, double tapping (not click) on home button on your iPhone will bring the whole screen half way down so users can reach top corners of screen without having to adjust the grip on the device. Feature works flawlessly on all iPhones. But if you are thinking iPhone X cannot do that becuase it DOES NOT have a home button to tap on, then you’d be wrong.

Reachability on iPhone X. I haven’t seen any reviewers talk specifically about this feature and thought I would shed some light on it. iPhone X uses swipe-up action from bottom notch on the screen to give the default home-button-press action i.e. closing your apps. Swipe-down on the bottom edge notch will give users reachability option. This would particularly come in handy if you wish to use your iPhone X with one hand without adjustting grip risking the fall.

Reachability is not enabled by default and would need activation via Accessibility menu in Settings app. Here is how it works.

Awkward: Swiping down on botton notch is not really intuitive and took some time to master but, I guess fans would not mind training their hand mussles get used to this new workout.

iOS 11: 3D Touch Multitasking and new Emojis

iOS has been advancing very fast since version 8. Currently there is almost no need to actually jailbreak iOS for any new functionality. Engineers at Apple have done good job in mimicking all those fan favorite jailbreak and some of android features. iOS 11 is definitely a big leap for Apple devices especially for iPad however, Apple messed up when they took out 3D touch multitasking functionality from their initial iOS 11 release. They did not announce anything or mentioned anything as this was a negative point on their “fantastic” iOS 11 release. Later Apple told multiple news resources that the functionality was eliminated because it was causing trouble somehow on iPads.

With iOS 11.1 update Apple kept it’s promise to bring this function back. iOS 11.1 also came with several new emojis and the Internet is going crazy about it.

3D touch multitasking is back on iOS 11.1

Here are some of the new emojis introduced in iOS 11.

Apple Music for $5 per month is not a bad idea

Buying music was never my thing until I was introduced to iTunes. I used to listen to radio or just pirate my music whenever I really wanted to hear those famous songs. Yes, I downloaded music when I was staying with my parents and paying for my tuitions. everyone out there does that, so get over it.

Now I buy music but, now that is an old thing too! Last year when apple released their Apple Music streaming service I was excited because it came with 3 months of free subscription. In those 3 months I really didn’t use any streaming because I had all the latest music that I really really wanted to listen to and didn’t feel the need of buying any new music. Once the free trial period got over I absolutely did not want to pay $10/month for the music I love and not keep it with me if I choose not to pay monthly fees anymore.

Recently I came across one amazing option that will still allow me to listen to new music and just in half the price. I sure am a music love and absolutely cannot live without it. So to stay sane in life $5 is really not a bad price. iTunes is one of the reliable source to the highest quality music out in the world.

Even though I think Apple Music is the best quality music streaming service out there I still wouldn’t pay $10/month for it. So how to get Apple Music for $5/month? You need to have a student’s account. If you are a student, you can get Apple Music for half the price of their individual subscription. You can validate your account with your school email. Click the link below and verify your account as student account and start using Apple Music for $0.99 for first 3 months and at discounted price later.

Visit for validation of your student account.

Caution: If you reach 48 months of Student Membership or they find that you are not a student anymore, your membership automatically becomes an Apple Music Individual Membership. Because, once you’re hooked on them they will rip you off any way. Until then, enjoy!! 🙂

Internet: Use it wisely

In·ter·net[in-ter-net] noun
A vast computer network linking smaller computer networks worldwide (usually preceded by the ; ). The Internet includes commercial, educational, governmental, and other networks, all of which use the same set of communications protocols. []

It is a very powerful tool and yet very easy to access. Internet started as an expensive accessory only used as a status symbol in 90s. It was not very easy to get online like we do today with only a swipe on your smartphone or just a click on your computer. Only major cities like New York, London, Munich, etc. had a telephone network that could support this new traffic of data. Wait a second! Did I just say telephone?? Yes, I did. In the beginning telephone companies used to provide special connection to your home which then connected your personal computer.

We started with emails, commercial websites (the .com boom), blogs and now social network websites. We have evolved from using internet only for sending private messages to expressing our views out loud in public over this world wide web. This change in behavior is not new, this is just like old times, whenever people felt the need of expressing themselves to the public they started meeting at city or town halls, public places like schools, libraries and shared their views in front of their audience. In early 1900s the only way to spread news was public announcements from town hall balconies and newspapers. Then came radio and television. But, even today we know that the news on TV and radio is mostly filtered and controlled by governments and that in a way is Good and Bad just like a coin it has it’s two sides.

Similarly there are incidences where Internet and social sites have been used wisely and wrongly. The medium is so easily accessible now that practically anyone in the world can type anything that they want. Because of Internet many people around the world could tack their loved ones and their situations during Japanese Tsunami crisis even if they were half the way around the globe. Many disastrous recovery organizations created a crisis database of emergency camps to track survivors and made it available to general public. Also, many people used social networks like Twitter and Facebook to convert messages to people around the world. But, as we speak about benefits of Internet there is a downside. It was Internet that enabled coordinated riots of London in last decade. It was On Internet where people shared fake picture of rape victim in India.

Internet is a big pool of information and if people don’t take it seriously, it might aid to our destruction one day. It is a source of truthful information as well as it’s a message board for individuals and companies who make profit by deceiving the community. What to believe and what not to is individual’s decision.

Internet is very powerful, USE IT WISELY!