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iPhone X; all hope not lost for single hand operation

As everyone probably know by now, iPhone X is not a phone you can use with single hand. In fact none of the phones after iPhone 6 are not ideal for use with one hand because users cannot reach all corners of the screen without adjusting hand grip. The problem is not limited to just iPhones and it applies to any phone that is bigger than iPhone 5, 5s or 5SE.

Solution? Apple implemented reachability feature on all iPhones since Touch ID was introduced. The operation is simple, double tapping (not click) on home button on your iPhone will bring the whole screen half way down so users can reach top corners of screen without having to adjust the grip on the device. Feature works flawlessly on all iPhones. But if you are thinking iPhone X cannot do that becuase it DOES NOT have a home button to tap on, then you’d be wrong.

Reachability on iPhone X. I haven’t seen any reviewers talk specifically about this feature and thought I would shed some light on it. iPhone X uses swipe-up action from bottom notch on the screen to give the default home-button-press action i.e. closing your apps. Swipe-down on the bottom edge notch will give users reachability option. This would particularly come in handy if you wish to use your iPhone X with one hand without adjustting grip risking the fall.

Reachability is not enabled by default and would need activation via Accessibility menu in Settings app. Here is how it works.

Awkward: Swiping down on botton notch is not really intuitive and took some time to master but, I guess fans would not mind training their hand mussles get used to this new workout.

iOS 11: 3D Touch Multitasking and new Emojis

iOS has been advancing very fast since version 8. Currently there is almost no need to actually jailbreak iOS for any new functionality. Engineers at Apple have done good job in mimicking all those fan favorite jailbreak and some of android features. iOS 11 is definitely a big leap for Apple devices especially for iPad however, Apple messed up when they took out 3D touch multitasking functionality from their initial iOS 11 release. They did not announce anything or mentioned anything as this was a negative point on their “fantastic” iOS 11 release. Later Apple told multiple news resources that the functionality was eliminated because it was causing trouble somehow on iPads.

With iOS 11.1 update Apple kept it’s promise to bring this function back. iOS 11.1 also came with several new emojis and the Internet is going crazy about it.

3D touch multitasking is back on iOS 11.1

Here are some of the new emojis introduced in iOS 11.

Apple Music for $5 per month is not a bad idea

Buying music was never my thing until I was introduced to iTunes. I used to listen to radio or just pirate my music whenever I really wanted to hear those famous songs. Yes, I downloaded music when I was staying with my parents and paying for my tuitions. everyone out there does that, so get over it.

Now I buy music but, now that is an old thing too! Last year when apple released their Apple Music streaming service I was excited because it came with 3 months of free subscription. In those 3 months I really didn’t use any streaming because I had all the latest music that I really really wanted to listen to and didn’t feel the need of buying any new music. Once the free trial period got over I absolutely did not want to pay $10/month for the music I love and not keep it with me if I choose not to pay monthly fees anymore.

Recently I came across one amazing option that will still allow me to listen to new music and just in half the price. I sure am a music love and absolutely cannot live without it. So to stay sane in life $5 is really not a bad price. iTunes is one of the reliable source to the highest quality music out in the world.

Even though I think Apple Music is the best quality music streaming service out there I still wouldn’t pay $10/month for it. So how to get Apple Music for $5/month? You need to have a student’s account. If you are a student, you can get Apple Music for half the price of their individual subscription. You can validate your account with your school email. Click the link below and verify your account as student account and start using Apple Music for $0.99 for first 3 months and at discounted price later.

Visit https://www.myunidays.com/perks/view/applemusic/online for validation of your student account.

Caution: If you reach 48 months of Student Membership or they find that you are not a student anymore, your membership automatically becomes an Apple Music Individual Membership. Because, once you’re hooked on them they will rip you off any way. Until then, enjoy!! 🙂

How to remove iPhone, iPad or Mac from iCloud account?

Removing iCloud account from the device settings is the easiest way to disassociate from an iCloud account. But, in case you don’t have access to the device then, follow steps below.

Step 1- Sign in to your iCloud account.


Step 2- Click “Find My iPhone” and wait for the application to attempt to sync with the device you want to delete. If it is unsuccessful, the “Delete” icon will display next to the device name. If it does connect successfully, you must disconnect the device from the Internet and wait for it to appear as “Offline.” Once device is offline click on it to get more options.


Step 3- Click “Remove from Account” to remove the device.


In addition, if you have access to device perform further steps. Otherwise you are done.

Step 4- Tap the “Settings” icon on the device’s menu and select “iCloud.”

Step 5- Move the Find My iPhone slider to the “Off” position.

Truffol Case for iPhone

No matter how beautiful your smartphone looks, your phone case definitely makes it less appealing and bulky. I personally am not fan of using case on my phone because of very same reason. If you are like me, then new truffol case for iPhone might change your opinion. 

This very light and sleek all aluminum made bumper comes in different colors and a complementary sticky two cards wallet. Using the bumper and wallet together makes it a perfect skinny case for iPhone. 

Premium product like packaging

Very small profile, my friends couldn’t even tell that my phone had case on.
Easy snap-on locking mechanism.
Optional wallet has two cards capacity.

 You can buy one on Amazon.com for just $25. This aluminum case has very low signal disruption compared to the competition. 

Check how Apple Watch will look on your wrist before it releases

Every true Apple fan out there is excited about new Apple Watch release. Apple announced it’s new device which is a wrist watch which will be released in about a month from now. Pre-orders are starting on April 10th but, how to know which size is right for you?

Well, there is always an answer on the internet. ARWatch app will allow you to check how the Apple Watch fits on your wrist. ARWatch uses augmented reality which scans a small piece of paper on your wrist (PDF explains) using iPhone camera and then puts a 3D version of watch on your wrist when looked at your phone screen.

1. Print this PDF in 100% and cutout the marked area. (Click here to download PDF)

If you are too lazy to print the PDF, check image below.


2. Download the App by scanning the QR code in the PDF. (If you don’t know how to do it then, open this link on your iPhone)

3. Put the cutout on your wrist.

Put the cutout on your wrist as if it's the dial or face of your watch.
Put the cutout on your wrist as if it’s the dial or face of your watch.

4. Open ARWatch app and point the camera towards the cutout.


I was thinking 42 mm is right for me but turns out 38 mm fits best. Hope this helps you decide the right size for you Apple Watch.

Lockitron: Lock your door with your smart phone

We are getting surrounded by smart devices. From fitness bands to thermostats, everthing has become smart. What is this smart and what makes these devices smart? The answer is here.

Lockitron is a simplest device to move dead bolt on your door remotely either to LOCK or UNLOCK position. This add-on to existing compatible deadbolt is wifi/bluetooth compatble and can be controlled via smartphone app or on Lockitron.com dasboard.

How tough is the installation?

Installation for a tech savvy person should not be an issue but, for an average user it could be difficult. Please follow the included manual thorougly as it explains the installation process pretty well. The on confusion users need to consider is to remember whether your door locks clockwise or anti-clockwise and whether it’s in locked or unlocked position at the time when you actually install Lockitron on the deadlock knob.


  • Control door lock remotely from phone app or Lockitron dashboard.
  • Give access to friends, family or maintenance prople without having to share the actual key.
  • Knock alert on smartphone alerts you when theres someone at the door. This feature could be very useful to get alerts at the time of actual break-in.
  • Disable lockitron from website if smartphone is stolen.
  • Bank level security with 256bit encryption. This makes it virtually impossible to hack your Lockitron account.

What comes in the box?

This is what comes in the box!

 To order visit www.lockitron.com.

Messaging, Video Among Top Battery-Draining Apps | Re/code

Source: Messaging, Video Among Top Battery-Draining Apps | Re/code.

Is your smartphone suffering from a case of battery fatigue? Do you find yourself hunting for electrical outlets in unfamiliar places?

The problem may not be with the phone, but with the apps you’re using, according to a new study from Alcatel-Lucent that evaluates the efficiency of mobile applications.

Facebook Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, BlackBerry Messenger, Viber and Nimbuzz rank among the worst offenders when it comes to battery drain. These apps, by their nature, are constantly rousing the phone to send or receive a message.

In an attempt to provide users with instant gratification, some apps constantly contact the mobile networks, instructing it to alert the phone whenever an incoming message arrives. This repeatedly wakes the device from its dormant state — serving as a silent battery-killer. To counteract this problem, some apps hold a radio channel open to the device so it can continue sending and receiving messages over a period of time. This also drains the battery.

“It’s the sort of thing people do not necessarily know,” said Josee Loudiadis, Alcatel-Lucent’s director of network intelligence.

Alcatel-Lucent used its mobile network analytics technology to measure app usage by more than 15 million subscribers on mobile networks in North America, Asia and the Middle East. A study to be released April 30 seeks to identify which of the leading mobile applications most tax network resources, consume the most data and deplete battery life fastest.

The applications that put the most demand on mobile networks are, not surprisingly, the most popular: Google Search, Facebook, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and YouTube. These account for the greatest data volume and require the most signal capacity (that is, the need to open a radio channel for each device to attach to a network to send or receive information).

Network operators know their data consumption is about to skyrocket whenever consumers download iTunes, launch video streaming service Netflix or post photos and videos on Facebook and Instagram. These are all well-known bandwidth hogs. But other, less obvious apps, such as Internet radio service Pandora and photo pinning site Pinterest, also devour resources.

Among data-intensive video apps, YouTube depleted battery life fastest, as users jump from one video to the next, watching multiple videos in sequence.

Another factor Alcatel-Lucent weighted in determining an app’s efficiency is “chattiness” — a measure of how often it connects to the mobile network to send or receive data. The chattier the app, the more it drains the battery.

Among social media apps, BlackBerry Messenger is the chattiest, sending out a radio signal 343 times for every megabyte of data — compared with Windows Live Messenger, which makes five times fewer connections to the network. Google is almost twice as chatty as Yahoo during searches and Internet browsing, the study found.

The most efficient applications are among the first to appear on mobile devices: Mail apps including Gmail, Yahoo Mail and AOL mail. Developers have refined these apps in a way that reduces the demand on networks (and devices), downloading mail when a user opens the app instead of sending continuous notifications when each new message arrives.

Clam Case for iPad Mini

 Simply gorgeous and sleek design any case can provide to improve the overall design of the iPad. This perfectly designed iPad case is a little costly but proves to be a very good bluetooth keyboard in the market.


  1. Slimmest iPad case out there with bluetooth keyboard.
  2. Brilliant swival hinge design which lets user use iPad in typing, tablet or viewing mode.
  3. Made with light weight alluminum material.
  4. Smart power saver modes which recognize the position in which the case is being used.

Downside is that these Clam Cases are costlier than other compatetor keyboard cases. But, an mount of $20-30 more than other cases is worth for writing enthusiast like me.

Tip: Do not order these keyboards right away. Register your email on clamcase.com website for a few days and wait until you’ve given a discount code. Usually these codes will cut price on the item by 20% or in some cases $30.

Clam Case is a must buy iPad keyboard case if you are an iPad Blogger.