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How to use vulcan salute emoji on iOS 8.3?

iOS 8.3 update bought over 300 emoji to it’s users. Many of these emoji were already available on Android already. However, there is this one Vulcan Salute users cannot use because iOS Emoji Keyboard doesn’t have a key assigned for it but, that doesn’t mean you cannot use it. Follow steps below to get access to the famous Vulcan Salute without any jailbreak.

1. Copy this Vulcan salute imoji here, 🖖

2. Goto Settings App -> General -> Keyboards -> Shortcuts and add this new keyboard shortcut.


3. Type your shortcut phrase when you want to use Vulcan salute.

Using shortcuts: You can also create keyboard shortcuts for other uses for example, use short of your email ID to type whole email ID or shortcut to your Out Sick email to your boss 😉 Some better examples would be like, Short of that restaurant you always ask to go, convert ‘gm for Good morning, ‘gn for Good night.

Live long and prosper! 🖖 

Know true value of cellphone signal (iPhone/iPad/iPodTouch)

To view true value of signal strength of your iPhone (3G and later, with iOS 4 or later) you have to enter into Field Test Mode on your device.

Entering Field Test Mode on iPhone (iPhone 3G and later on iOS 4 and later)

This will work on any iPhone model and any version of iOS, except the very original:

1. Open the Phone app as if you were going to make a regular phone call

2. From the iPhone keypad, dial *3001#12345#* and hit the “Call” button

After this your phone will change carrier signal bars/dots to show you a negative number. Signal numbers extend from -40 to -130. 

This is how to read these numbers: Anything above -80 is considered full signal strength. Calls usually start dropping or having bad connection around -110 and -120. Some users might see -130 before actually dropping the call. 

Eg. If you have signal strength of -50, you have a great carrier reception. -95 is not bad. -120 is when you better get ready to say bye as that call might drop at any moment.

How to keep numbers setting

Field test mode doesn’t last and you will be out of it when you lock your phone but, if you want to always see signal numbers rather than bars/dots then go through following steps.

1. Dial *3001#12345#* and hit “Call” if you haven’t done so already to launch Field Test.

2. Now hold down the Power button until the “Slide to Power Off” message appears, then release the Power button and hold the Home button until Field Test quits.

3. Tap the signal bars or signal numbers to switch between the two.

To remove the tap-to-switch signal indicator ability, you can either reboot the iPhone or go back into Field Test and close out of it as usual.

Get more from your iPhone Battery with these changes

Every year cell phone manufacturers claim more battery life with newer version of their smart phones. Then why these phones start behaving the same way as it’s predescessor after a few weeks? The answer lies in using habits and battery results change per user. I am an iPhone user and the other day I heard my friend complaining about the battery life of his new iPhone 6. I thought, I would give a check before he visits the Apple Store to replace the device (considering Apple Store are still seeing long lines of buyers for iPhone 6). This is what we changed which helped him get his original battery performance back.

Background App Refresh:

iOS has been supporting backgrounding apps for a few previous versions. Background processing is a good and a bad thing. Android users already know that a running app in background can dramatically drain battery. In iOS 8, Apple allowed app developers to enable backgrounding regardless of what type of that app is. So now, users will make the ultimate decision instead of Apple. This change helped a lot of users to use all the desired apps in background. 

My friend had many of the apps which he doesn’t use everyday running in the back ground which we disabled. Apps like Amazon, Best Buy, Pinterest or even Instagram doesn’t need background processing. Because regardless of what setting you keep these apps refresh when they are opened. Also, if you are worried about deals, app notifications do the job, no need for app to keep running in background. 

This is how to disable Background App Refresh on iOS8;
Go to Settins > General > Background App Refresh
Enable only a few apps which you really use multiple times everyday.

Use notifications wisely:

If you are not the person who likes every app installed on phone to buzz on your lock screen, then this is one of the best way to conserve battery. Only keep important app notifications to show up on the lock screen, for everything else there is always the Notification Center. 

Getting notifications to view on the lock screen every time keeps the screen light up for about 10-15 seconds. Those are the 10-15 seconds, you are not using your phone at all (well except for reading meaningless notifications). Configuring only required notifications to show up on lock screen will save a lot of back light up time. Here’s how to change it;

Go to Settings > Notifications > Select the app you want to change notification settings > Disable ‘Show on Lock Screen’ option.

Location services:

This is one of the best feature of iOS when you set up location specific reminders. Location reminders is a cool feature which alerts users when they arrive/leave within a specified range of a particular geographic location. This location could be Office, Home or even a coffee shop. Location reminder requires Reminders app to use location i.e. GPS of the phone which often is the major reason of battery drainage. 

Along with inbuilt Apple Apps, a lot of other third party apps from App Store support location services for many of their functionalities. Example would be Swarm app which alerts users when their friends are near by. But, not all apps need to know what your location is, and this is how to control it.

Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Select app to change it’s settings > Choose among options Never, Always and if available While Using the App.

Status bar shows a small arrow pointer to indicate that an app is using location services.

Check indicators below to know status of location services on your phone.

Know your battery usage:

iOS 8 has a way to show battery usage report per app so you know what is using your phone battery the most. For best results charge your phone to fullest on your normal day and then let it drain until it shuts off. Here’s where to find battery usage information.

Go to Settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage

After making a few changes in these settings my friend has seen a huge improvement in the battery issue and also he now knows which apps he actually uses and which he doesn’t. Our small drill also helped him save some space on his phone.

Hope this helps you. After all, we all love our smart phones.

PS: These tips would work for all smart phones and tablets, considering installed mobile OS has these features configurable.

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Send location to third party apps including Google Maps, on iOS.

iOS stock Maps application now allows you to send the searched destination to available map apps. Third party apps however need to be updated by developers to have this functionality work for their apps.

This is good when you are sending location from your Mac to your iPhone or iPad. After sending the location to mobile device, just tap on Apps tab and select the third party app you need to navigate in.

So far it’s working with tie if my apps, Waze and Google Maps. Thus has made my driving life a bit easier that I don’t have to copy destination and paste it in different apps before searching for the route.

Clam Case for iPad Mini

 Simply gorgeous and sleek design any case can provide to improve the overall design of the iPad. This perfectly designed iPad case is a little costly but proves to be a very good bluetooth keyboard in the market.


  1. Slimmest iPad case out there with bluetooth keyboard.
  2. Brilliant swival hinge design which lets user use iPad in typing, tablet or viewing mode.
  3. Made with light weight alluminum material.
  4. Smart power saver modes which recognize the position in which the case is being used.

Downside is that these Clam Cases are costlier than other compatetor keyboard cases. But, an mount of $20-30 more than other cases is worth for writing enthusiast like me.

Tip: Do not order these keyboards right away. Register your email on clamcase.com website for a few days and wait until you’ve given a discount code. Usually these codes will cut price on the item by 20% or in some cases $30.

Clam Case is a must buy iPad keyboard case if you are an iPad Blogger.

Zedge app adds ringtone tab


Zedge.net is a very popular website to download wallpapers for your handheld devices. They also provide a wide range of free ringtones and message tones to be downloaded from their website for free. Zedge app for iOS now lets you browse and download ringtones right on your iOS device. Though these ringtones cannot be used right away, it’s pretty useful app to preview what you want right on your phone.

Users need to sync these tones via ToneSync, hit zedge.net/tonesync for more info. Enjoy your downloads.