Sharing WIFI password with guests is breeze on iOS11

Yesterday I had to share my wifi password with one of my friend when he came over to visit. I am one of the guys who have really long passwords which are very hard to remember. So I went to see the wifi password in my 1Password app and there it was. iOS’ another subtle feature that Apple never advertised it. My iPhone which was also Read More


Game Review: Need for Speed Payback

Release Date: Nov 10th 2017
WICIWIT Rating: 4.5/10
Playtime: Not sure but the campaign is said to be around 8 hours long.

Plot: NFS Payback allows players to play as three different characters during the campaign of this game. The game mode focuses on so-called action-packed gaming Read More


iPhone X; all hope not lost for single hand operation

As everyone probably know by now, iPhone X is not a phone you can use with single hand. In fact none of the phones after iPhone 6 are not ideal for use with one hand because users cannot reach all corners of the screen without adjusting hand grip. The problem is not limited to just iPhones and it applies to any phone that is bigger than iPhone 5, 5s or 5SE.

Solution? Apple implemented reachability feature on all iPhones since Touch ID was introduced. The operation is simple, double tapping (not click) on home button on your Read More


iOS 11: 3D Touch Multitasking and new Emojis

iOS has been advancing very fast since version 8. Currently there is almost no need to actually jailbreak iOS for any new functionality. Engineers at Apple have done good job in mimicking all those fan favorite jailbreak and some of android features. iOS 11 is definitely a big leap for Apple devices especially for iPad however, Apple messed up when they took out 3D touch multitasking functionality from their initial iOS 11 release. They did not announce anything or mentioned anything as this was a negative point on their “fantastic” iOS 11 release. Later Apple told multiple news resources that the functionality was eliminated because it was causing trouble somehow on iPads. Read More


Folder Size Finder

Free and very light weight app for windows machines to get folder sizes to free up some space. It’s very fast at least with SSDs. The directory tree UI allows you to browse through your folders and lists sizes right in front of those folders in readable units.

Downloading from here: