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Zipcar is the world’s largest car sharing and car club service. It is an alternative to traditional car rental and car ownership. There was a time where you could rent cars on day basis but now because of Zipcar it is possible for people to rent cars for matter of hours.

How it is useful for you? Well, many people around the US mostly living in urban setting do not need cars for daily commute because of abundant public transportation options. But, people like me feel the need of car once in a while; say for groceries or to do huge shopping at some distant superstores like Walmart, Malls which are very hard to reach by public transport because of very low frequency of busses and trains.

Zip car plays very effective role here by allowing you to rent cars for cheap (well, than others) hourly rates as low as $8/hr.

Check out Zipcar’s official website for more information on how you can enroll.

It’s very easy to enroll, you just have to register online and fillout your information. If you have license from any US state you will be able to get the approval right away. For international licenses you might have to email/fax them few documents upon their request for insurance clearance.

Try it, they have yearly and monthly subscriptions with $30 application fee. I mean, you cannot go wrong for trying it out for a month if you have to rent cars for whole day and use only for few hours of actual purpose.

Ohh, did I mention all cars are fuel and insurance covered and you don’t have to pay extra $ 🙂


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