Transformers: Fall of Cybertron



Release Date: 21 August 2012 (US)
Rating: 7.5
Playtime: About 8-12 hours of campaign

Plot: This is a sequel to Transformer: War of Cybertron installment which was a very successful game of 2010. Game takes you towards the end of Cybertron’s Civil War between Autobots and Decepticons. Play this game to know and feel the legacy of this epic battle towards the survival of transformers species.

To make sure the Transformers survive, Autobots are preparing an arc with all the transformers who are willing to live and stay together and build a new planet of their own. Can they succeeded in this struggle escape their dying planet?

Conclusion: The game is absolute demonstration of how far we have came from the original Transformers series in terms of technology and physics in these virtual worlds. TFOC is a closed world game but still gives you the feel of open world because the closed levels are enormous and always changing as the game progresses.

The newest concept in this closed world game is all the levels change themselves, you will see new platforms making in front of you, walls shift, whole buildings transform for you to walk through at the places you can’t even imagine.

About game play I liked Megatron(Hovering Tank) and Vortex(A HeleJet) the most. Playing as being Vortex actually gave the sense as if I’m playing a movie.

For Transformer fans it’s a MUST GO! For others this is the game you will enjoy just like any other FSP even though it’s a third person view. Go for it.


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