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Microsoft is prepared to lash Apple on face with it’s new and the most anticipated version of Windows. Nearly after 3.5 years Windows is releaseing version 8 of it’s widely known (almost to all 7 billion of us.. LOL) operatin system Windows. I personally was waiting to see what Windows comes with after great success of Windows 7. If you observe, Microsoft has been inconsistant with their versions of Windows for e.g. 95, 98 were good but ME was a total failure, 2000 was okay, XP was a hit, Vista was total crap again and finally Windows 7 which is way better than any of it’s predecessors.

Now, after reading all that you might give a hit that Windows 8 will be another public experiment for their next OS but, the first look gives a very good impression this piece of art.

Why its is so special than other versions of Windows?

Uptill now MS been developing two different platforms of OS, personal computers and moible. Now with Windows 8, they have merged both the platforms and developed such an OS which works on both computers and tablets. This multiplatform-ability is what makes it possible to fabricate a new generation of tablet which can be converted into a small laptop running a fully functional desktop version of Windows 8. Imagine iPad with MacOS? yup, you got me.

Is Microsoft coming up with new tablet?

Yes, it’s called Windows 8 Tablet and it can be used as a full laptop once switched the mode. The best thing so far from the device I liked is the interactive cover with keyboard and a trackpad. The tablet idea is cool but the main concern will be battery life. Running all that high power processor and full Windows OS is gonna take lot of juice.

Checkout following video of MS Windows 8 Preview by a YouTube user.




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