Hitman Absolution – Review



Release Date: November 20th, 2012
Rating: 8.5
Playtime: Cannot comment on this as it all depends on how you want to play each level.
Website: http://www.squareenix.com

Plot: Hitman is the story of an assassin’s life journey. Anyone who played the previous installment of Hitman almost thought that this is over for this poor guy and he will get to live his life on his own terms finally but, it never stops. In this deployment story stats with Diane’s betrayal which apparently led to deaths of many of agency agents. Diane is agency informant for Hitman and other few agents. In this plot Hitman tries to find out the truth about Diane and a teenage girl for which Diane had betrayed the Agency. Why Agency wants that girl? And what that girl has which made Diane give up on all of the highly trained agents she has been helping throughout all these years.

Gameplay: Hitman in Absolution is a killing machine with unparalleled knowledge for disguise and extensive combat training. Player will be now able to perform one on one combat with all characters in the game. Players will be delighted with new moves and techniques to make their way through each level. New physics engine from Glacier2 is the state of art platform- Highly dense crowd, realistic gun shot blows, light flares, cloth and hair movement, moving limbs of dead bodies are few of the highly dynamic objects in the game. The system is so dynamic that you can actually use environmental objects like bottles, axes, fire alarms, wrenches, etc to distract guards and slip through tight security. Overall graphics quality has definitely been improved since it’s previous installment.

Conclusion: Every third party shooter lover should definitely give major consideration to this very different and dynamic gameplay. Storyline at times seem abrupt but towards the end it all makes sense. We give it 8.5 out of 10 for unorthodox gameplay, superb storyline, great background score and superior physics engine.



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