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One of the most beautiful summer destinations in the east coast is The Lake George in NY state. Spanning staggering 32 miles from North-to-South this lake has earned a nick name of ‘Queen of American Lakes’. Lake is named after King George II after the French Indian war in August 1755. During our two days vacation in the lake area we did kayaking, jet-skiing, para sailing, touring and of course swimming. Two days is definitely not enough time at Lake George so we had to skip hiking and the long 2 hours dinner cruise.

Location: Lake as I said earlier stretches about 32 miles from North-to-South. Lake George Town, NY is the best place to start your trip. Use following destination in your GPS to get there. Lake George, NY 12845.

***Things to do***

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Kayaking: We did kayaking in the deep waters of Lake George on very first day of our two days vacation considering all the efforts required for the task. We rented a double kayak and enjoyed our ride around the island in Bolton Landing about an hour. There are many renting companies to rent kayaks and paddle boats from in the area. We rented our kayak at Lake George Kayak Co. in Bolton Landing for just $35.

Parasailing: Parasailing over the lake is a mesmerizing experience. Best place according to me is right from the Lake George Town. Activity only costs an average of $75/person around the area and extra to have your shots taken at your ascend. We did it though Pinky Parasailing at the pier close to the town hall. This particular location gave us a great and soothing view of southern part of the lake and surrounding area of Bolton Landing island. This ride took about an hour and we were in the air for nearly 15 minutes hanging under a huge green parachute. Parasailing experience not just includes parasailing but it include an amazing 45 min speed boat ride. A must go when you’re at Lake George.

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Jetskiing: If there is any water sport that is full of adrenaline, it’s jetskiing. There’s only one place in lower Lake George area where you can rent a jetski ride for $85 for half an hour. Yes, it is a bit expensive but it’s totally worth it. The total time is not just half an hour as we thought in the beginning. They first took us towards the center of the lake on idle speed and then gave us total of half an hour to ride any way we want considering we follow basic water way rules and maintain our distances from other riders. The experience was totally worth it.

Touring: The Lake George Town has several touring options to experience breathtaking views of ever long lake shore and to learn some history about surroundings. Different types of tours last for one, two or in case of dinner cruise three hours. During summer time display of amazing fireworks takes place near the city hall every Thursdays at 9:30 pm. If you have enough time in your hands then the fireworks cruise on Thursdays is highly recommended. Find more information about these cruises here.

Swimming: It’s a freaking lake, jump into the water anywhere you want. Of course at your own risk. But, if you are with your family or a little bit concerned then, Lake has many dedicated beaches open for public between 10 am to 6 pm. You can enter the beach for free if you are walking there from your hotel, If you are driving then you can park your car at beach parking areas for $2/hr or $10/day rates.Just like any other beach the facilities are equipped with changing rooms, lockers and bathrooms. One more reason for me to like these places is cleanliness.

Mini Golf: This is probably the only game played out of the water at Lake George. There are many Mini Golf courses around the area. Different courses here have different settings. We went to the closest one to our hotel as we went there late around 11 pm. Night life at Lake George is pretty happening and you will find a lot of places, bars and pubs open until and after mid-night.

The whole Lake George experience was amazing and as I mentioned earlier, two days are not enough.


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