iPhone 5S and 5C unvealed



On Tuesday Apple revealed their new next generation iPhone, actually there are two to beat your previous iPhone this year. iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C were presented as two newest additions to the iPhone family at Cupertino in the iPhone event. I have summarized a few points below to give people a general idea of what they will get from their favorite (or not) next generation of the phone.

Let’s talk about iPhone 5C first and keep the other one at the end as main event 😉

iPhone 5C – I think C is for both Colors and Cheap

What’s good:

  1. Comes in vibrant colors: Good for people who always bought phone covers just to have a colorful phone and not to protects it from falls.
  2. Slightly faster than previous generation iPhones: It comes with A6 chip which iPhone 5 and some other iDevices carry.
  3. Comes with iOS7: All the new 5Cs will come with pre-installed iOS7 which is a fantastic, new and yet pretty familiar OS. This will bring a lot of features to the device.
  4. Cheaper than iPhone 5S: Price ranges are 16GB-$99, 32GB $199 and 64GB $299 of course with new contract with carrier.

What’s not so good:

  1. Plastic, not glass: All 5C are made from quality plastic and not from aluminum and glass. This to some people might feel a bit cheap.
  2. Price is not that luring as just for $100 more you can get iPhone 5S with higher processor power and a lot of other features.

iPhone 5S: Faster, thinking ahead of time and lighter

What’s good:

  1. Processor: Newly developed Apple A7 chip is a dual core processor and has 64 bit architecture. This will definitely run your apps and games faster than before with double the speed for the same battery life as Apple claims. Of course consumers will have to wait until their favorite app comes in 64 bit versions from respective developers.
  2. New chip: M7 is the newly introduced chip apart from the processor in an iOS device. This is a dedicated processor to continuously monitor motion related data off iPhone 5S. This will make gaming better and will support upcoming future health and fitness apps. Guess you have to dump that Nike band now.
  3. Finger print sensor: This is advanced feature compared to the current consumer technology, this scanner will unlock your phone and enable iTunes and AppStore (for now) purchases just with a swipe of your finger.
  4. iSight Camera: Upgraded camera flaunts new aperture at f2.2 which fives you more depth of field and allows more light to come onto the image sensor. Hold the shutter release button to take continuous shots at 10fps (this is faster than my Canon T2i). Shoot 1080p videos at 120 fps (high speed videography).
  5. Lighter in weight: iPhone 5C weighs less than iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S is lighter than iPhone 5C.
  6. Color: Now comes in Champagne Gold along with White and Space Gray.

What’s not so good:

  1. Body: Apple following the S tradition did not change the body of iPhone this time. So, if you didn’t like iPhone for the way it looks. You still have to wait for next year.
  2. Apps: Many of the apps currently are designed for 32 bit architecture. They will work on 5S but the speed still will be restricted to that of 32 bit as the code is only built for it. If you are upgrading for the sole purpose of speed then you might have to wait until developers update their apps.
  3. Cannot pre-order this phone, only buy in store starting 20th. For now only Apple stores are selling new iPhones if there is new news we’ll post it here. 5S comes in 16GB for $199, 32GB for $299 and 64GB for $399 of course with new contract with carrier

Pre-orders: iPhone 5C pre-orders have already started today 12 am PST. You cannot pre-order iPhone 5S currently, it will be available in Apple Stores starting 20th Sept. 2013 8 am.


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