Compare your car stats with these infopads


I was at my dealership when I noticed following infopads on my agents desk. This information can come pretty handy when it comes to maintaining your car. If you are a curious driver like me, the chances are you already know this information.

This article doesn’t explain how to check your car fluids, please refer to owners manual for that information. This article only gives some references to compare your car part or fluid conditions based on information provided at a car dealership.

There are various fluids required to keep your car in healthy condition. The pic below shows how many fluids there are (at least in a Nissan, and I’m pretty much sure this is all most of the cars need) on the menu for you to keep watch on. Transperent viles are showing their own distictive colors to make it easy to identify them in your car and to compare your results.

Next up is your car tires. Everyone knows tires are one of the most essential part in your car. To keep tire in right condition is very important when it comes to safety. Following picture shows life if a regular tire and your job is to make sure that you change it or change the car before it reaches the last stage.

Last thing I noticed at the dealership which I would like to share is the picture of break pads. I’m very much sure that all these infopads were there just to compare the change in the item they changed in your car during that service visit so that you won’t feel that they are ripping your wallet. Check out picture below just incase you’re interested in life of break pads.

Hope this information helped some of you readers. I’m a hundred percent sure that this is not the only parameters to keep your car in good shape but at least if you didn’t know this before, now you know.

Thanks for reading.



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