Pebble App Update: Reliable but delayed notifications


pebble113updatePebble app for iOS received an update yesterday which now allows support for third-party app notifications on your Pebble smartwatch. Pebble smartwatch also received a simultaneous update to support new notification features introduced on the iOS app.

What changed?

An additional functionality to support notifications from other 3rd party apps including Facebook, Twitter, Fantastical, Whatsapp, etc. was added. A simple feature that all Pebble iOS users were eagerly waiting for since the release of iOS7 is finally live.

How can I get it?

After updating Pebble iOS app, app requests users to update watch firmware to v1.13 which supports this new notifications functionality on Pebble watch. Pebble watch can be purchased for $150 at retailers like Best Buy and also online at


Pebble announced something which was already available for other smart watches (e.g. Metawatch) since the release of iOS 7. Pebble development is too slow and the company doesn’t seem to care about it. I bought Pebble right after I upgraded to iOS7 last month. SInce then, there were multiple times that I thought of switching to Metawatch or even Galaxy Gear (for Galaxy Gear I also considered switching back to my Galaxy S4) just because these delays in app development. Nevertheless, I still find Pebble better in terms of battery and it’s simplicity than other watches and prefer iPhone over S4 and Note 3.

After updating to firmware v1.13 I am getting reliable connection to phone for my notifications except that, now all these notifications are delayed for about 5-6 seconds. Probably I am now used to instant notifications directly from iOS notification center. Still I’m glad that fingerdance has come to an end for all iOS Pebblers.


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