Free NEST for North-East States



NEST is a smart digital thermostat for your home which learns your temperature settings everyday and then makes smart decisions based on your schedule. Following Nest features help you save energy the smart way.


Nest connects to your home wifi that means, you can control it from your smartphone/tablet or online nest account. No need to worry when you leave your house.

A Nest Thermostat costs about $249 which is a little costly considering the savings so, here is a little tip. Nest has ties with NRG Residential Solutions (energy supplying company) which is offering a free Nest thermostat if you choose NRG as your electricity provider. You have to just submit an online application and PSEG (or your utility company) will continue to bill and support your issues.

Confusing? Not really, there are two types of energy companies ones who supply electricity and others who deliver electricity. Whenever you are billed for using your utilities you are billed separately by both of these companies in same statement. For example, in my case PSEG is my delivery company for both gas and electricity but, my gas supplier is BGSS Commodity and electric supplier is BGS Energy.

Okay, what I need to do to get free Nest then?

Complete an application on this site ( Understand the electric plan and rate before hitting Submit. The plan is not bad, basically NRG wants you to commit to them for next 15 months as your electricity supplier at fixed rate of $0.11984/kWh. I currently pay $0.10948/kWh but it is variable, that means in summer it will increase around 0.18352/kWh according to my previous years rate. By signing this commitment, I will ensure that my rate will stick to $0.11984/kWh this summer. Of course, as a bonus  you will receive a free Nest (more savings) after 1st month of usage with NRG Residential Solutions.

Why my state is not on the link above?

Unfortunately the offer is only available to NJ, PA, MA, MD, IL and DC for now. You will have to keep in touch with your delivery company for such offers in future.

To know more about Nest, watch following video:


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