How to find the IP number and MAC address of a network card

  1. Click the Run button in the Windows Start Menu.


  2. Type cmd in the Open prompt of the Run menu and click OK to launch a command prompt window.


  3. Type ipconfig /all at the command prompt to check the network card settings.


  4. The IP number and MAC address are listed by ipconfig under IP Address and Physical Address.

    ipconfig results

  5. You can copy the Physical Address and IP Address from the command prompt by right clicking in the command prompt and clicking Mark. Then select the text you want to copy with the mouse and hit the enter key.


    mac address


Posted by Parag Joshi

A Healthcare IT professional and occasional blogger. My inspiration behind blogging comes from the idea of giving back to the online community. When someone Googles and finds what they are looking for, it's because someone else wrote it online. Keep blogging!

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