New Pebble Features: Activity Tracking and Quick Launch

Pebble is a smart watch designed to work as an accessory to work with your smart phone. Pebble is one of the first smart watches out there came to reality as a Kickstarter project. Despite from tough competetion from Android Gear, Samsung watches and now the announced Apple watch Pebble developers are not giving up. They are adding more and more features in almost every update they release.

Pebble has recently added a couple of new features;
1. Activity: It uses the motion censor inside your pebble to count steps you have taken throughout the day. It uses similar kind of algorithm to measure the step count as other leading activity trackers.
2. Quick Launch: This feature could be huge for pebble users, especially for the ones who don’t use Glance (only Android). Feature gives native capability to create long hold shortcuts to Top and Bottom buttons of Pebble. I am using it currently for Starbucks and Evernote Apps.

Check release notes below for more details about this update by developers.

Pebble Firmware 2.6 Release Notes
NEW: Activity. Activity tracking apps (e.g. Jawbone, Misfit, for Pebble now work seamlessly in the background. View installed Activity apps and toggle preferences in the Pebble Settings menu. An Activity icon is visible within Pebble menus when a compatible app is installed and running.
NEW: Quick Launch. Set shortcuts from a watchface to your favorite Pebble apps with a long press of the Up or Down buttons. Enable Quick Launch and set app shortcuts in the Pebble Settings menu. Battery icon is now persistent within Pebble menus.
Select button once again dismisses notifications when paired with an Android device or iOS device on iOS 7 or lower. iOS 8 users get notificaion dismissal for both Pebble and the paired device when pressing Select. Bug fixes and improvements.

Read more about Pebble here.

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