Security Camera: Dropcam Pro

After using SwannSmart ADS-450 for about an year, I came across a new cloud cam called Dropcam. 

If you don’t know what cloud camera is, here is something for you;

Cloud cameras are new generation of surveillance cameras with capability of storing data on the internet, in the cloud. One of the obvious reasons to have a cloud based storage is high availability. Means, you can always access your contents whenever and from wherever you want to. Also, another major benefit is that all your data stays online that means away from your physical location. That means, even if any unfortunate event occurs and your camera gets destroyed or stolen everything it saw before going offline will still be available. This fact is not true when it comes to old fashioned video surveillance systems as they store all the data locally which can be stolen or be destroyed by flood or fire incidences.

How does Dropcam uses cloud?

Dropcam and Dropcam Pro use their own cloud service to store surveillance feeds. Unlike other small budget cloud cameras, Dropcam cameras upload continuous video feeds online. Depending on the cloud plan users can have unto 30 days of online cloud recording. This recording is then accessible via Dropcam could has bank level encryption to keep user data secure. 

Dropcam Models

Dropcam has two models Dropcam and Dropcam Pro, below is the comparison as displayed on 

Why Dropcam over others?

The major advantage of having Dropcam as your surveillance camera is that it stores whole video feed online with highest quality offers in current market. Apart from video feed recording, Dropcam apps are available on iOS, Android and also accessible via website. Following are pros of Dropcam cameras;

Video cloud recording – Depending on the subscription plan users can store 7 or 30 days of data
Two way audio – Hear what you see and make yourself heard on the other side
Digital zoom – 8x zoom to see things closer
Clear image feature – One click and see zoomed area sharper, yes the way we saw in Bond movies
Scheduled recording – Schedule when Dropcam should record.
Scheduled alerts – Get alerts only when required.
Integration with Nest thermostat – Users can sync Dropcam with Nest. So when nest is on ‘Away’, Dropcam starts recording.

Dropcam can be purchased at and at major retailers. Dropcam is sold for $149 and Dropcam Pro comes with price tag of $199 for it’s extra features.

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