Fitness Band: This time from Microsoft


Last week Microsoft joined the fitness band wagon with it’s brand new Microsoft Band. Microsoft Band is a fitness device like any other you’ve seen out there except it gives you GPS and continuous heart rate monitoring features like the recently announced line of fitness trackers from Fitbit.

Features are:
Guided workouts – Band’s companion app offers several fitness routines which provide instructions while in the exercise routine.
24-hours heart rate tracking – This one is self explanatory. Band has optical sensors to provide continues heart rate monitoring.
Sleep tracking – Collects sleep data to provide insights on sleeping habits. This feature is also provided in Jawbone UP24 and Fitbit bands. So far, UP24 band is on top of this game when it comes to sleeping data.
GPS mapping – Band also has inbuilt GPS which is only provided so far in the Garmin fitness watches. The next line of Fitbit bands will have this feature.
Notifications – Band also has notification feature for emails and texts. Users can also set alarm and times on the band.
Cortana – Microsoft’s smart assistant Cortana on Windows phones can listen to users via the band.
Battery – On a single full charge Microsoft band works unto 46 hours. This is incredible considering continuous heart rate monitor and the GPS in running mode.

Microsoft is compatible with Windows Mobile OS, iOS and Android. That makes this band more successful than current Android gear. It’s been just couple of days since it’s release, we’ll see how well it does during the holiday season.

Microsoft band is currently available at major retailers and on for $199. Check for more details here.


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