Security Camera: SwannSmart Camera ADS-450


Days of recording your security footages on local drives and paying for high end security hardware are over. Today consumers can record their security camera feeds online. 

Why to have a cloud storage?

One of the obvious reasons to have a cloud based storage is high availability. Means, you can always access your contents whenever and from wherever you want to. Also, another major benefit is that all your data stays online that means away from your physical location. That means, even if any unfortunate event occurs and your camera gets destroyed or stolen everything it saw before going offline will still be available. This fact is not true when it comes to old fashioned video surveillance systems as they store all the data locally which can be stolen or be destroyed by flood or fire incidences. 

How does Swann use cloud?

Swann cameras use Seedonk cloud service to store images online. That’s correct ‘images’ and not the video recording. Camera software senses the change in image/situation/lighting and then uploads those frames to the could. 
Even though the number of pics it uploads is limited to 1 image per second, the solution is decent for cheap price of $6/month. If you only want basic home security swann cloud cameras are the solution.

Features like unlimited data storage, smart notifications to your cell phones make cloud cameras better than regular suveillance systems. The requiremends are better wifi router, basic knowledge to browse internet for setup and faster internet speed.

Competitors like Belkin, D-Link

Bottom line

ADS-450 SwannSmart Wi-Fi Network Camera with Secure Cloud Storage is a very good solution for low price home security. Click here for price comparison. Swann has variety of cameras you can hit to give it a look.


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