Just like last year, this year’s winter is also brutal. But this time it broke many states’ snowfall and temperature records in mid-west and north-east. 

Boston was hit the most with record breaking snowfall resulting in piles and piles of snow. The snow which is not even close to melting because of sub-zero temperatures. Mid-western states like Tennessee and Kentucky were hit by lowest lows they’ve seen in decades. Freezing rain and sleet made it difficult and dangerous to travel, challenged first responders throughout the region.

These below zero temperatures make even flowing water into ice. Ice which is scary on many levels but also creates very beautiful phenomena of frozen waterfalls. Which make waterfalls look like real life still photographs.

Check pics of Paterson Waterfalls in NJ below. Of course, they are not as amazing as Niagara but still gives the idea of what I’m trying to tell here.

Checkout some more frozen pics from around the city.

Posted by Parag Joshi

A Healthcare IT professional and occasional blogger. My inspiration behind blogging comes from the idea of giving back to the online community. When someone Googles and finds what they are looking for, it's because someone else wrote it online. Keep blogging!

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