Automatic Soap Dispensers


I have always been fascinated with automated systems. Automated processes are almost always smart ways to cut efforts of performing redundant and obvious activities.  

Let me elaborate this by giving example of automated doors. The idea is to avoid activity of ‘pushing/pulling the door’. If any person is approaching the door it is most likely that the person will push/pull the door to pass through it. The idea is most effitiently utilized at entrances to public places, like airport or hospitals.

This same principle can be applied to your household appliances and it works pretty well for automatic soap dispensers. After trying about a couple of soap dispensers and returning them, I came accross one brand which lived upto it’s promises. Simplehuman Automatic Soap Dispenser is one of the best auto soap dispensers in the market. I would like to say it’s the best you can get under $50. 


Above two models are the most selling ones and ideal for bathroom and kitchen respectively. I have tried, BetterHomes, iCooker and some other wierd brand before ending up with Simplehuman.  Choose wisely.

Of course, Simplehuman auto dispensers  are cheap on amazon and other online stores but, you can also find them in your local stores in case you want to return them. In fact, I got them from Macy’s at a discounted price which was definitely lesser than any online stores. Be aware that both models above have chrome finish. There are a few other colored options available which are about $10 cheaper than chrome ones.


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