Check how Apple Watch will look on your wrist before it releases


Every true Apple fan out there is excited about new Apple Watch release. Apple announced it’s new device which is a wrist watch which will be released in about a month from now. Pre-orders are starting on April 10th but, how to know which size is right for you?

Well, there is always an answer on the internet. ARWatch app will allow you to check how the Apple Watch fits on your wrist. ARWatch uses augmented reality which scans a small piece of paper on your wrist (PDF explains) using iPhone camera and then puts a 3D version of watch on your wrist when looked at your phone screen.

1. Print this PDF in 100% and cutout the marked area. (Click here to download PDF)

If you are too lazy to print the PDF, check image below.


2. Download the App by scanning the QR code in the PDF. (If you don’t know how to do it then, open this link on your iPhone)

3. Put the cutout on your wrist.

Put the cutout on your wrist as if it's the dial or face of your watch.
Put the cutout on your wrist as if it’s the dial or face of your watch.

4. Open ARWatch app and point the camera towards the cutout.


I was thinking 42 mm is right for me but turns out 38 mm fits best. Hope this helps you decide the right size for you Apple Watch.


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