How to use vulcan salute emoji on iOS 8.3?


iOS 8.3 update bought over 300 emoji to it’s users. Many of these emoji were already available on Android already. However, there is this one Vulcan Salute users cannot use because iOS Emoji Keyboard doesn’t have a key assigned for it but, that doesn’t mean you cannot use it. Follow steps below to get access to the famous Vulcan Salute without any jailbreak.

1. Copy this Vulcan salute imoji here, 🖖

2. Goto Settings App -> General -> Keyboards -> Shortcuts and add this new keyboard shortcut.


3. Type your shortcut phrase when you want to use Vulcan salute.

Using shortcuts: You can also create keyboard shortcuts for other uses for example, use short of your email ID to type whole email ID or shortcut to your Out Sick email to your boss 😉 Some better examples would be like, Short of that restaurant you always ask to go, convert ‘gm for Good morning, ‘gn for Good night.

Live long and prosper! 🖖 


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