Organize with Airtable

When it comes to custom database there are many options available today to provide you with what you need and in some cases more than you need. Databases could be better option for large and some medium size organizations but not necessarily for smaller businesses or personal use. Database Management Systems offer tools to manage databases with certain level of ease but users are still required to have some technical knowledge. So, as you see that could be a little overhead for small businesses and personal users since they don’t posses skills or manage to hire the workforce required to maintain these databases to manipulate all related data.

Airtable is a powerful table organizer it also makes a humble attempt to provide free online database but just falls a little short of DBMS capabilities.

If you love to organize your work or personal life in Excel sheets or Google Sheets, there is a better way to do that and it is online and free for all users with certain limitations. Airtable offers accessibility from all smartphones, computers and also from web browsers. For small businesses and personal uses this is one of the best tool to manage all the data, online without worrying about backing it up and for free.

Example base on

Airtable offers, user control, linking of tables within a base which is one of the coolest feature, unlimited bases with about 5000 rows limit per base which I believe is more than enough for personal and small businesses. It also stores 7 day history log for changes made on each field in the base. Allows attachments of up to 10MB per attachment. Of course, with premium options you get more of everything.

Airtable has made my life fairly simple when it came to managing multiple projects and keep track of my tasks. Visit for more information.

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