Game Review: Need for Speed Payback

Release Date: Nov 10th 2017
WICIWIT Rating: 4.5/10
Playtime: Not sure but the campaign is said to be around 8 hours long.

Plot: NFS Payback allows players to play as three different characters during the campaign of this game. The game mode focuses on so-called action-packed gaming experience than the simulator car driving experience. If you are looking for driving fun then you have already lost your bet on this game.

Multiple car options are there and with pre-order of the deluxe edition of the game, players get some additional cars. These additional cars are only available for free roam and not in any races as events are pretty much restricted to classes.

Each of the Three game characters have specific skillset when it comes to car classes. During the game campaign, the course takes players through action sequences, cut-scenes and switching of character as predefined directed game plan. Users cannot select or change characters like they can do it in Grand Theft Auto.

Cops and enemy system also feels like restricted. Every time you get into a cop chase the game provides you certain checkpoints to go through as if it’s a time trial. If you do not get caught and don’t run out of time until you reach the final checkpoint, all the cop cars magically disappear. This restricts players from being creative in avoiding cops and enemies in those chase sequences. You cannot be unpredictable to the game AI and make that sudden turn to throw it off. In some instances when I was poorly driving, the cop car chasing me actually went ahead and made the turn before even I realized that I have to make that turn to get to the next checkpoint.

Reward system presents you with random cards to flip at the end of the race and it’s basically all your luck. Customization feels only affects aesthetics and doesn’t really change the performance and handling of the car. All cars felt more or less same to me.

Conclusion: It’s mediocre!If you have pre-ordered this game, RETURN IT! I was excited about this game and was expecting this new NFS title to improve driving and handling experience of cars. Not as good as Forza titles but somewhere close to that. The game looks gorgeous in Las Vegas and surrounding area setting but the player experience is worst than previous NFS titles.


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