Clam Case for iPad Mini


 Simply gorgeous and sleek design any case can provide to improve the overall design of the iPad. This perfectly designed iPad case is a little costly but proves to be a very good bluetooth keyboard in the market.


  1. Slimmest iPad case out there with bluetooth keyboard.
  2. Brilliant swival hinge design which lets user use iPad in typing, tablet or viewing mode.
  3. Made with light weight alluminum material.
  4. Smart power saver modes which recognize the position in which the case is being used.

Downside is that these Clam Cases are costlier than other compatetor keyboard cases. But, an mount of $20-30 more than other cases is worth for writing enthusiast like me.

Tip: Do not order these keyboards right away. Register your email on website for a few days and wait until you’ve given a discount code. Usually these codes will cut price on the item by 20% or in some cases $30.

Clam Case is a must buy iPad keyboard case if you are an iPad Blogger.


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