Lockitron: Lock your door with your smart phone


We are getting surrounded by smart devices. From fitness bands to thermostats, everthing has become smart. What is this smart and what makes these devices smart? The answer is here.

Lockitron is a simplest device to move dead bolt on your door remotely either to LOCK or UNLOCK position. This add-on to existing compatible deadbolt is wifi/bluetooth compatble and can be controlled via smartphone app or on Lockitron.com dasboard.

How tough is the installation?

Installation for a tech savvy person should not be an issue but, for an average user it could be difficult. Please follow the included manual thorougly as it explains the installation process pretty well. The on confusion users need to consider is to remember whether your door locks clockwise or anti-clockwise and whether it’s in locked or unlocked position at the time when you actually install Lockitron on the deadlock knob.


  • Control door lock remotely from phone app or Lockitron dashboard.
  • Give access to friends, family or maintenance prople without having to share the actual key.
  • Knock alert on smartphone alerts you when theres someone at the door. This feature could be very useful to get alerts at the time of actual break-in.
  • Disable lockitron from website if smartphone is stolen.
  • Bank level security with 256bit encryption. This makes it virtually impossible to hack your Lockitron account.

What comes in the box?

This is what comes in the box!

 To order visit www.lockitron.com.


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